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Five things to know for the right conditions to pave in Minnesota

One of the best parts about Minnesota is the clear separations of the four seasons. But for as beautiful as the seasonal changes are, they bring with them some unique challenges for paving companies like J&W Asphalt, and for most of the year, paving isn’t even an option. But all is not lost, and in this article, we’ll explore the right conditions for paving and when it’s time to jump on a project so you can plan your next project with confidence. When is it time to Repave? Picking the right time to repave depends on a number of factors including the age of the lot or driveway in question and how much traffic it receives. In general, a well-applied asphalt lot should last for 20 years. But, if you’re noticing potholes and cracking covering a substantial portions of your project, it is likely time for repaving if you want to avoid damaging your or your customers’ vehicles. Alligator cracks—named for their resemblance to the animal—can be the first sign that re ...

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Women Working in the Asphalt Industry

Find out why women working in the asphalt industry are leading the way for a bright future in this post from the asphalt pavement contractors at J&W Asphalt in Minnesota.

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Advantages of Hiring Work from a Family-Owned Business

Learn the advantages of hiring a family-owned business like the asphalt pavement contractors at J&W Asphalt in Minnesota.

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When to Replace Cracking or Crumbling Asphalt

Learn the common signs it’s time to replace your asphalt driveway in this post from the asphalt paving specialists at J&W Asphalt in Minnesota.

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When to Repair a Sunken Apron

Look for these signs it’s time to repair your sunken apron and then call J&W Asphalt in Minnesota for your asphalt driveway paving repair needs.

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3 Things to Consider for Your Commercial Asphalt Project

Learn everything you need to know for your next commercial asphalt project in this post from the Twin Cities asphalt paving contractors at J&W Asphalt.

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5 Reasons Why Builders and Remodelers Choose Asphalt Paving

Learn why more Twin Cities builders and remodelers are choosing asphalt paving in this post from J&W Asphalt.

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Great Memories Can Begin in Driveways

A driveway is so much more than just a place to park your car. A new driveway, or one that’s recently been repaired, can be many things to an active family.

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How to Tell if You Need a New Driveway

Asphalt driveways last a long time. They withstand summer’s heat and winter’s ice well. But how do you know if it’s time to replace your driveway?

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Why an Asphalt Overlay Isn’t the Best Option for Your Driveway

Thinking about paving asphalt over your driveway? Learn why asphalt overlays really aren’t a good option for driveways from the experts at J&W Asphalt in Burnsville, Minnesota.

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