These days, more builders and remodelers are choosing asphalt paving over other pavement options like concrete pavement. Take a drive around the Twin Cities and you’ll see it everywhere in both commercial and residential applications. Once used primarily for commercial paving, asphalt is taking over as a favorite residential pavement as well.

In this post from J&W Asphalt, we’re exploring some of the reasons builders and remodelers are choosing asphalt paving. To get started on your next asphalt paving project, give us a call today.

1.   Asphalt is easy to maintain.

No matter what type of pavement you use for your building project, maintenance is a part of life. But asphalt makes this regular maintenance much easier than with other pavement options.

HOAs and multi-tenant properties can’t spare much downtime for pavement maintenance. But with asphalt, repairing surface damage is fast and easy, which means driveways, roads, and parking lots can be back in use sooner.

2.   It looks professional and clean.

Some pavement options can end up looking stained and unattractive over time.  However, with regular sealcoating, asphalt parking lots will continue to maintain their aesthetic appeal with dark, consistent color. And against the dark color of asphalt paving, parking lots and road markings are brighter and easier to see.

3.   It’s safe for foot traffic and driving.

Asphalt paving is incredibly smooth, making it safer for pedestrians walking through retail and business parking lots and reducing liability and tripping hazards. It’s also easier on vehicles.

4.   It’s durable.

When you’re delivering a new build project, you want to deliver quality work down to every last detail. Asphalt is durable enough to handle weather and road traffic.

And unlike concrete pavement, asphalt isn’t susceptible to cracking or breaking off large chunks from heat and thaw cycles.

5.   It’s cost-effective.

The less you have to worry about asphalt maintenance, the less you’re going to spend on driveway and road repairs over time. That’s why asphalt is one of the most affordable options for builders and remodelers.

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