HOA/Property Managers

HOA/Property Managers

HOA/Property Managers

One of the most important investments a homeowner association or property manager can make is its pavement. Pavement tells a story about the kind of lifestyle a property offers. Beautiful, durable asphalt is not only important to curb appeal. It can also help minimize maintenance costs for the future.

At J&W, we create durable asphalt surfaces that will provide a safe environment for vehicles and pedestrians for many years.

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HOA Asphalt Driveways & Pathways

In a busy community, pavement needs to remain durable through many harsh Minnesota winters. Attractive asphalt also projects your community’s image. Adding a quality J&W asphalt driveway or pathway to a property creates value for your residence or community.

Our experienced asphalt pavers offer more than 40 years of experience in the Twin Cities area and a reputation for providing the best service around.

Driveway Paving

J&W Asphalt has been providing top-quality asphalt driveways throughout the Twin Cities since 1975. We can help make sure the driveways and other paved surfaces in your community are beautiful and uniform. We provide seal-coated asphalt to help your pavement resist normal wear and tear longer. Our seal coating lasts up to two years, and our paved driveways come with a five-year warranty.

Dig Out and Replacement

Many factors can damage aging driveways, including tree roots, snow shoveling, UV rays, freezing temperatures, and even a car’s gas and oil. Damaged pavement can crack, settle, and dip, posing a safety risk to residents. We completely remove the existing pavement, replacing it with appealing, fresh asphalt. All dig out and replacement driveways come with a five-year warranty, protecting your investment.


Sometimes homeowners need a little extra room for additional vehicles, recreational vehicles, or boats. These need to perfectly match the rest of the driveway and keep up with the HOA code. Our pavement seamlessly blends with existing asphalt. Let us give you the room you need without sacrificing aesthetics.

Parking Lot Paving

Keeping your community safe and beautiful is a top priority for an HOA. It’s important to have durable, lasting parking lots that will make a strong impression. A smooth parking lot is also key to the safety of the HOA community. We use the best equipment and crew for everything from curb installation to creating bold, visible markings.

Dig out and Replacement

Old, weathered parking lots can be hard on vehicles and pose a tremendous safety risk. While fading and weathering are unsightly, cracks, potholes, and sloping pose hazards to both drivers and pedestrians. We will replace the old parking lot with beautiful new pavement. Our new parking lots come with a five-year warranty.

Reclaim, Grade, and Pave

Our crew removes any old asphalt and grinds it up using our asphalt reclaimer. We mix this in with the existing base to a depth of 9 inches, stabilizing and strengthening your existing base and creating a solid foundation to last many years. The end result is a beautiful, smooth surface with extra durability.

New Parking Lots

At J&W Asphalt, we have the crew size and the best possible equipment to pave beautiful parking lots that stay inside your budget and deadline. As the largest residential paving contractor in the Twin Cities, we have developed a reputation for integrity and quality. From malls to churches to office buildings, our crew of asphalt paving contractors has paved many new parking lots over the years.

Add-on to Parking Lots

It is not uncommon to find your tenants needing more space than the existing parking lot provide. Making sure you have enough space can help you stay ADA compliant and ensure your tenants’ safety. Our expert crew can install an adjacent parking lot add-on to an existing lot that blends seamlessly and adds to your property value.

Premier Asphalt Services in the Twin Cities Metro Area

To schedule your community’s next project, give us a call at 952-894-9078, or contact us at info@jwasphalt.com.