Damaged Asphalt Repair

Damaged Asphalt Repair

Damaged Asphalt Repair Twin Cities

From the moment asphalt is first paved, it is exposed to any number of forces that can create damage over time. When asphalt is maintained through regular repair, this can go a long way in preventing more significant structural damage. To increase the asphalts lifespan, you need to repair any damage before it becomes a serious problem.

At J&W Asphalt, we have been experts in asphalt paving since 1976. We use infrared asphalt repair to get your damaged asphalt looking beautiful again.

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Maintaining Your Asphalt

Well-maintained asphalt can offer many years of durability. But time and weather will inevitably take their toll on asphalt. Unfortunately, damage can extend far below what you see on the surface.

Once damage occurs, liquid can seep in and damage the subgrade, causing serious problems to the molecular composition of the asphalt. Infrared repair offers a seamless, durable solution to restore your asphalt to its original appearance.

Ignoring damaged asphalt can lead to:

  • Weakened structural integrity
  • Poor drainage
  • Surface raveling
  • Surface cracking

Damaged Asphalt can be Caused By:

Oil And Chemical Leaks

Over time, exposure to chemicals will damage the surface of the asphalt. Oil leaks, gasoline, and other chemicals will contaminate asphalt, leaving unsightly oil stains and damaging the top layer of the asphalt. This can cause a loss of aggregates, which results in raveling or depression in the surface of the pavement.

These unsightly markings reflect poorly on your home or business. If oil spots worsen, they also can seriously damage the integrity of the pavement, causing it to soften and deteriorate. Infrared repair reheats the surface, bonding thermally to existing asphalt for a seamless repair.

Surface Indentations

Before asphalt has had time to properly set, it is still quite soft and pliable. This process can take years. In the meantime, the asphalt can easily become dented, especially when the sun’s UV rays cause it to soften further.

Leaving a vehicle parked on this surface can cause the softened pavement to conform to the shape of a tire. This can result in indentations or warping in the asphalt surface. When these are not repaired quickly, the integrity of the asphalt is at risk. Our infrared repair can heat the existing asphalt, creating a smooth, beautiful surface once more.

Tire Marks

Tire marks are another unsightly blemish common to relatively new asphalt surfaces. When temperatures climb, the asphalt can heat up, causing ugly tire tread marks on the pavement. Drivers who accelerate or turn too quickly can also leave their mark.

We can make your asphalt look as good as new again by using our repair service to create a beautiful asphalt surface you can be proud of.

How We Repair Damaged Asphalt

How Infrared Repair Works

Asphalt repair is a simple process that leads to a lasting repair. We use infrared rays to heat the damaged asphalt surface, leaving absolutely no cut lines for seamless results. This process allows us to reclaim the existing asphalt, creating a thermal bond that leaves your asphalt with a seamless and beautiful repair.

The new asphalt will not shift or move from the surrounding asphalt. This returns your pavement to its original appearance, removing unsightly blemishes.

Benefits of Infrared Technology

Because infrared technology uses existing asphalt to repair damaged pavement, it is an ecologically sound choice. It requires a relatively small crew size and less equipment, making it a cost-effective solution. Infrared technology means we can finish the job quickly, getting you up and running again faster. We stand behind our workmanship with a 2-year warranty standard on every infrared repair.

Infrared repairs provide greater water resistance, a smoother surface, and lasting durability.

Comprehensive Asphalt Service in Minneapolis

J&W Asphalt provides a wide range of services for home and business owners in the Twin Cities metro area. We offer new services and asphalt replacement. To get started on repairing your damaged asphalt, give us a call at 952-894-9078, or contact us at info@jwasphalt.com.