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Meet the Estimators

The estimators at J&W Asphalt know how to work a shovel. They have “boots on the ground” experience -- they’ve all worked on a paving crew. They’re enthusiastic about their work and they truly enjoy working with customers. Although a calculator or a pencil may have replaced their shovels, they know what it takes to get the job done.

Joe Hagen

Joe is a 20-year veteran of the asphalt business. His longevity in the field gives him a deep base of knowledge to work from. He can answer your questions intelligently. Coming up with a fair price is no big deal for Joe.

Kevin Kalina

Kevin’s been in the asphalt business for 10 years. Not one to be tied to a desk, the newest member of our estimating team, Kevin enjoys meeting customers and working in a new location every day.

Eric Lyons

Eric is our replacement sales guy, a straight shooter. If you’re uncertain about replacing your driveway, he’ll give you an honest answer. Fair, honest pricing; honest and direct customer service. That’s what you can expect from a J&W Asphalt estimator.