The look of a parking lot says a lot about a business. With high-performance, quality materials, a commercial driveway or parking lot can last for two decades or more. But making the right decisions when you’re launching your asphalt project is essential to making sure your pavement stands up to the test of time.

In this post from J&W Asphalt in Minnesota, we’re outlining the things you should consider when kicking off your commercial asphalt project. Follow this guide and you’ll be happy with the results. To discuss your asphalt pavement needs, give us a call today.

1.   The Right Structural Decisions

The traffic loads and subgrade conditions for a given parking lot installation need to be taken into account for pavement to perform as it’s meant to. A poorly prepared subgrade can result in asphalt failure.

This process begins with proper subgrade preparation ensuring the topsoil is clear of vegetation and topsoil. Additionally, the subgrade should be prepared to meet the contours of the final project.

Once the subgrade has been prepared, a base layer should be added in the appropriate thickness for traffic loading and the subgrade. Areas with a heavy traffic load like delivery trucks will require a thicker pavement than lighter load areas.

2.   The Right Asphalt Paving Contractor

One of the most important things to consider when starting a commercial asphalt project is a contractor’s credentials and experience. Ask about a contractor’s level of experience with asphalt pavement and specifically the type of project you’re working on.

If possible, check out their reviews and find out what past customers are saying about their quality of work and attention to detail. Finally, ask a contractor if they’ve got a portfolio where you can check out their past projects.

3.   Maintenance Options

Once you’ve invested in a new parking lot or drive for your commercial property, you should already be thinking about maintenance. Talk to your contractor about issues like edge support, drainage, and pavement sealing options to keep your commercial asphalt paving in good shape.

When water seeps into your subgrade, it can cause the soil to lose its strength and eventually result in pavement failure. A commercial sealcoat covers your pavement with a watertight surface that protects and extends the lifespan of your parking lot.

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