Settlement Repair

Settlement Repair

Asphalt Settlement Repair

When maintained properly, asphalt can enjoy a long lifespan. However, occasionally, settlement occurs. This occurs when uneven settling or a depression exists below the pavement surface, causing the pavement to sink down. Settlement can also lead to far worse problems.

At J&W Asphalt, we use infrared repair to fix settlement problems before they cause serious damage, leaving you with a repair that will last.

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How Does Driveway Settlement Occur?

Settlements occur when air voids in the soil collapse, or in other words, the ground compacts. The ground can only settle if it is not at its full compaction, or there are voids in the ground for the soil to move into. Voids in the soil are caused by land development, backfilling of trenches and foundations, the break-down of organic materials, and clay.

The largest rollers, plates, and compacting equipment residential construction companies use can only compact to about a depth of 6”. When it comes to asphalt pavement, the ground 1 to 12 feet under the base and asphalt is what is causing the settlement, not the base and asphalt that was originally installed and compacted.

Rain and melting snow is what saturates the soil and compacts and collapses air voids in the ground. The water loosens the ground helps collapse air voids. The weight of the water is what compacts the ground. The ground will stop settling once it is fully compacted.

Settlements are caused by rain and melting snow soaking into the un-compacted ground. Areas likely to settle over time are around underground utilities and around the outside of your home’s foundation.

Problems Caused By Settlement

These depressions also become hazards. Water can pool in them, creating further problems. They are also dangerous to pedestrians and vehicles. In the past, the only option for repairing these unsightly depressions was to completely remove the pavement and replace it. However, innovations in asphalt repair have created a fast, cost-effective solution with infrared technology.

At J&W Asphalt, we have been offering asphalt installation and maintenance for more than 40 years. We can use infrared repair to fix the dip caused by settlement, bringing the area back up to grade.

Settlement risks include:

  • Damage to a vehicle’s suspension
  • Slipping hazards
  • Additional damage to the pavement
New Parking Lots

When it comes to new parking lot installation, we organize the entire process from curb installation to the final striping of the lot. Our team of professionals is dedicated to a safe and clean worksite.

How Do We Repair Settled Asphalt?

Infrared repair is the ideal method for repairing damage due to settlement. Infrared repair means the asphalt will be seamless after the repair is complete, creating a watertight protective surface to help your asphalt last longer. Our team of asphalt contractors can conduct infrared repairs year-round, making the technology a perfect solution. Pavement repaired with infrared technology can be used almost immediately, and the repair is permanent. Using infrared repair, we offer quick and effective asphalt driveway resurfacing.

A Lasting Repair

Because the repaired asphalt will thermally bond to the original asphalt surface, there will be no cracking. The new asphalt will be stronger than ever before, outlasting the life of the existing asphalt around the repair. No points of weakness, cut lines, or water intrusion points remain in the structural integrity of the newly bonded surface. We guarantee our work with a two-year warranty on all infrared repairs.

How Infrared Repair Works

To complete an infrared settlement repair, our crew arrives and cleans the area, removing all debris for a clean workspace. We will completely clear the area of stray rocks, mud, dirt, leaves, water, and other debris before we begin. We will then place our infrared heater over the asphalt area where settlement or depression damage occurs for five to 12 minutes.

We will use our thermal heater to heat the asphalt until it becomes workable again. Next, we add oils that will restore the asphalts structural stability once more and add the new asphalt to the damaged area. Finally, we will grade and compact the newly mixed asphalt.

A Cost-Effective Asphalt Solution

Infrared repair is a cost-effective solution to settlement. It is a far less costly alternative to replacing the entire driveway. Infrared repair requires a minimal crew and equipment. Infrared repair also reuses the existing asphalt, making it cheaper and better for the environment. In fact, very little additional material is needed, reducing your environmental footprint.

Its fast repair time will also minimize the downtime for your home or business. We can get you back on track quickly with infrared technology for settlement or asphalt driveway crack repair. Give us a call at 952-894-9078, or contact us at