At J&W Asphalt, we’ve been serving Minnesota homes and businesses with quality asphalt pavement services for more than 45 years. And over the course of those four decades, we’ve been committed to offering the very best workmanship and service in the asphalt industry. During that time, we’ve also come to realize that part of providing the best service and quality means offering more opportunities for women working in the asphalt industry.

In this post, we’re sharing some of the reasons more women are changing the asphalt industry for the better. To support women working in asphalt or learn about opportunities, give us a call today.

Women in Asphalt

There once was a time when the asphalt industry was considered a line of work primarily for men. Although asphalt pavement companies didn’t realize it at the time, by not working hard to attract good workers of both genders, they were missing out on opportunities for growth and success. But at some point in the past couple of decades, the industry got the memo, and we’re more focused today on bringing women into the ranks of asphalt pavers. Thanks to organizations like the National Coalition of Women of Asphalt, the number of women in the industry is growing fast. Although today only 19.5% of asphalt industry workers are women, asphalt pavement companies are seeing those numbers go up each year.

Why Women are Joining Asphalt

The biggest reason for an uptick in women in asphalt is a sea change when it comes to awareness and advocacy. Founded in 2017, the Women of Asphalt founders set out to promote advocacy, networking, mentoring, professional development, and opportunities for women in the asphalt pavement industry. According to Women of Asphalt and other women working in construction, women have a lot to gain from a career in asphalt.

These are some of the biggest reasons women say they enjoy working in the asphalt industry:

●        They enjoy working for smaller, family-owned businesses.

●        They have an opportunity to prove themselves and earn the respect of their co-workers and community.

●        There are many types of career opportunities in the industry including general laborer, truck driver, roller operator, paver operator, foreman, sales, and IR sealcoat lead.

●        They enjoy busting stereotypes and showing what women are truly capable of.

●        They want to work in a fast-paced industry.

●        They have a heart for customer service.

●        They enjoy helping to create a high-quality end product that benefits their community.

●        Opportunities continue to open up as the industry continues to grow.

Support Women in Asphalt at J&W Asphalt

At J&W Asphalt, we’re a second-generation family-owned and operated business, and we value women in asphalt as an essential part of our team. We offer exciting opportunities for women in asphalt including a yearly bonus, 75% employer-paid healthcare, and 401K. To support women in asphalt or learn about opportunities for women with J&W, give us a call today at 952.894.9078 or contact us online.