From the moment guests pull up to your Twin Cities home or business, everything on your property is making an impression. When your asphalt driveway is in poor condition, it can send the wrong message, and worse, it can create a liability that ends up costing you.

If your pavement needs extensive repairs, it may be time to invest in asphalt replacement services. To help you decide whether you should invest in asphalt repair or replacement, look for these signs. Schedule your asphalt replacement services by calling J&W Asphalt to connect with a member of our team.

1. Warping and Buckling

When solar heat on pavement exceeds 90 degrees, this can weaken the asphalt, creating a wavy look that indicates damage.

This type of warping allows moisture to get underneath the pavement and can compromise the pavement layers, especially as the weight from regular use compounds the problem.

Once the surface of the pavement is significantly compromised with warping, it will eventually buckle. In this case, the asphalt should be replaced altogether.

2. Fading Color

As time goes by, UV solar radiation can lighten the pavement. As solar heat shows visual signs of exposure through fading color, it is also causing the pavement to become more brittle, making it more susceptible to damage from water and temperature changes.

A new asphalt pavement installation will perform better, last longer, and look more attractive.

3. Block Cracking

If you have extensive asphalt damage over a large surface area in the shape of interconnected rectangular cracks, this is known as block cracking.

Block cracking typically occurs with older pavement that has become brittle over time or an issue with the original asphalt installation. A combination of exposure to regular traffic and temperature changes can accelerate these issues.

If your pavement shows signs of significant block cracking, the pavement should be replaced with a better binder and installation.

4. Puddles and Water Retention

Moisture is the enemy of pavement. If you’ve got drainage issues on your property or your pavement is not level, you can bet the standing water on your pavement is seeping into the asphalt layers and damaging the binders and structure.

You’ll need to have your pavement removed, leveled, and re-installed.

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