Asphalt is an important tool for a number of reasons. It is incredibly durable, able to endure dramatic temperature changes, and resistant to extreme weather. However, you may not realize that asphalt is one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials available today. At J&W Asphalt in Minnesota, we understand the importance of using environmentally friendly building materials. Read on to learn more about how asphalt pavement protects the environment.


A Durable Pavement Resource

One of asphalt’s key benefits is its durability. Its long life makes it more environmentally friendly because it can go longer without the need for replacement. Construction requires only a small team of pavers and uses fewer resources to begin with. When damage to the pavement does occur, it can be quickly repaired by using the top layer of the pavement rather than completely replacing the entire pavement beneath the surface.


When your pavement becomes damaged over time, we can use infrared technology to easily repair the surface, reusing the existing asphalt in the process. This also requires far less equipment, further minimizing the ecological impact.


Infrared technology can be used to repair the following damage:

●        Potholes

●        Cracks

●        Sunken pavement


Noise Pollution Reduction

Asphalt also creates far less noise pollution than other pavement alternatives. Heavy traffic on concrete can be extremely loud. Even walking is softer on pavement. Asphalt offers a quiet surface even on busy city streets. This means when traffic is high, the impact on the environment is minimal.


Completely Reusable Material

Eventually, time can take its toll on any pavement, even asphalt. When it comes time to completely replace an asphalt surface, the asphalt is completely renewable. Every bit of asphalt can be recycled and reused as a new road surface. Because the asphalt requires fewer additional resources, this further minimizes the ecological impact.


Other Ecological Asphalt Paving Considerations

Asphalt creates a smooth surface which keeps traffic moving along in busy urban centers. This minimizes the ecological impact of pollution from vehicles. Additionally, residential asphalt helps retain water quality.


Asphalt creates a completely waterproof surface, helping to reroute stormwater to dedicated water retention systems. Finally, it helps reduce the temperature increase that is often seen in urban centers by offering a cool, temperate pavement surface.


Asphalt Experts Serving the Twin Cities

Whether you are in need of pavement for a multi-tenant property or your family home, minimizing the ecological impact helps keep the planet safe for future generations. Asphalt is one of the easiest ways to contribute to a healthier planet because asphalt creates a durable, beautiful pavement you can enjoy for many years to come. Whether you need asphalt driveway repair or residential asphalt paving, we can help.


At J&W Asphalt serving St. Paul and Minneapolis, we take pride in offering a sustainable product. Give us a call for help with your next pavement project at 952.894.9078, or contact us online to request a quote.