A driveway is one of the most important centers of a family home. It is the place where your family takes off or arrives every day, and it needs to be able to accommodate your family. But as time goes by, your lifestyle can change. When you find yourself moving vehicles every time a guest leaves or your home suddenly has more vehicles than driveway space, the solution may be easier than you think.

At J&W Asphalt serving the Twin Cities, our asphalt paving contractors can help you widen your driveway and make room for your family’s busy lifestyle. This handy guide can help you determine if it’s time for your family to widen your driveway.

Widen or Extend Your Driveway

Widening your driveway can expand your driveway several feet. This not only creates more practical driveway space for your home. It can also add additional curb appeal and increase your home’s value. Our team of asphalt paving contractors is skilled at widening driveways.

While we’re there, we can help with these issues:

●        Sunken apron

●        Infrared repair

●        Driveway extension

Wider Driveway for Additional Drivers

One of the biggest reasons to widen your driveway is to make room for additional drivers. As your children grow older, you may suddenly find yourself with a houseful of teenage drivers. Even just one additional vehicle in a driveway can put tremendous pressure on its vehicle capacity.

No one wants to shuffle cars around every time someone has to leave. Additionally, many homes today are becoming multi-generational, with grandparents, parents, and adult children all living in the same household. Widening your driveway makes it so that everyone has plenty of room for their vehicles.

Calculating Driveway Width for Additional Vehicles

The average car is seven feet wide and 15 feet long, whereas the average two-car driveway is between 16 and 18 feet wide. A great way to gauge the size of driveway you’ll need is by considering the width of a parking spot in a parking lot. Parking spots are generally about nine feet in width and 18 feet long.

Additional Play Space

Another great reason to widen your driveway is to add additional play space. A wider driveway can mean your children have a safe place for playing basketball and other sports. This is a much safer alternative to a street-facing basketball hoop. This also gives kids a safe space to play hopscotch, four square, or jump rope.

Driveway Expansion for Recreational Vehicles

A wider driveway also offers the perfect space for parking recreational vehicles. Many homeowner’s associations do not permit homeowners to park recreational vehicles on their lawns. An expanded driveway may be the perfect excuse to pick up a new boat. It can also give you the perfect spot for a new camper, trailer, or even collector’s vehicle.

More signs it’s time for a wider driveway:

●        There are tire trenches in the dirt next to your driveway

●        You see dead grass along the edges of your driveway from walking and driving on it

●        There is crumbling asphalt at edges of your driveway

●        You have to walk on grass instead of your driveway when you get out of your car


Residential Asphalt Paving Contractors

If you’re ready to create more space in your driveway, there’s never been a better time. At J&W Asphalt, our asphalt paving contractors are experts in paving beautiful asphalt driveways your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Whether you are accommodating a growing family or you just want to add more fun to your life, our asphalt paving experts can help. Give us a call at  952.894.9078, or contact us online to schedule your project.