Pothole Repair Twin Cities

Potholes are one of the most unsightly types of damages found in asphalt surfaces. Unfortunately, potholes can be much more than unsightly. They can be dangerous to both vehicles and pedestrians. You need a pothole repair company that can get you back on track fast.

At J&W Asphalt, we can repair these unsightly hazards using our asphalt repair service for a quick, seamless solution.

Infrared pothole repair is:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick and effective
  • Affordable
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How Do Potholes Occur?

Potholes occur when water weakens the soil or surface underneath the pavement. This can occur with insufficient drainage, extreme freeze and thaw cycles, or pavement defects. With a weakened structure beneath the pavement, the asphalt is unable to withstand the traffic above and begins to break down. Eventually, both the asphalt and the material below it give way, leaving a cavity in the surface of the pavement.

Potholes are a Liability

Whether in your business or home, potholes create an unnecessary liability. Vehicles that pass over potholes are subject to several forms of damage. This vehicular damage can include damaged suspensions, damaged tires, punctured tires, and bent wheels. Potholes can even lead to automobile accidents. Legally, potholes are the responsibility of a home or business owner.

The Safety Factor

Additionally, potholes create a driveway, parking lot, and even roadway hazard for pedestrians, who can trip over and become injured. A trip-and-fall accident caused by a pothole can exceed tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. These types of accidents are entirely preventable with a speedy infrared repair.

How We Repair Potholes

There are plenty of quick and dirty pothole repair methods out there, but at J&W Asphalt, we offer a more permanent solution. Unfortunately, temporary patching methods could mean greater damage to your pavement as well as risks to vehicles and pedestrians. We use infrared technology to offer a permanent, seamless solution.

Because there are no unsightly seams, water is prevented from intruding into the asphalt base and causing further damage to your pavement. Infrared technology reuses the materials already present, making it a more ecologically sound solution as well.

How Does Infrared Pothole Repair Work?

Infrared pothole repair works by heating the existing pavement. This softens the asphalt into a hot mix so that it becomes workable once more. It can then be mixed with new asphalt and used to repair the damaged pavement. This creates a thermal bond between the existing road surface and the new material. By using the existing asphalt, our crews leave no visible lines of repair. Your pavement will be as good as new when we are finished.

A Cost-Effective Solution

By its very nature, infrared pothole repair is a much more cost-effective solution than other forms of pavement repair. It reuses materials, which translates into less expense on your end. It also necessitates a minimal investment of employee resources and equipment. Finally, because it is much quicker than outdated forms of asphalt repair, this limits the amount of time your drive or parking lot is shut down, getting you back on track fast.

Potholes Repair Solutions from J&W Asphalt

Because infrared pothole repair requires a small crew, it can be done quickly and effectively. This means very little disruption to your place of business or home. It also keeps minor problems from becoming major ones. Left untreated, potholes can quickly widen or even double in size.

This is especially true in the winter when the surface beneath a parking lot or other asphalt pavement expands and contracts with freeze and thaw cycles. To fix your pothole problem, give us a call at 952-894-9078, or contact us at info@jwasphalt.com.