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Infrared Repair

Time and weather can take a toll on asphalt. What once was a beautiful pavement surface can become damaged from years of freeze and thaw cycles in Minnesota’s tough winters. At J&W, we understand the importance of providing beautiful, durable repairs to last for many years, not just a quick and dirty surface repair.

We use infrared repair for all of our asphalt paving repair services to provide you with a lasting repair that will restore your pavement to a smooth, durable surface you can be proud of.

How Infrared Repair Works

Using infrared technology, we heat up the existing damaged asphalt to make it workable again. Next, our crews add in more oils and binders along with more hot mix asphalt. We then level and roll the asphalt, a process that binds the new and original asphalts together and restores your pavement to its original height. The newly repaired pavement will bond to existing asphalt thermally, creating a seamless, beautiful repair.

Benefits of Infrared Repair

Traditional repairs leave an unsightly milling line, also known as a cut line. Water can intrude in this line, causing eventual damage. An infrared repair completely fixes the problem without creating any new ones. We stand behind all our infrared repairs with a two-year warranty.

Infrared repair is:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economically smart
  • Minimally invasive
Sunken Apron Repair Minneapolis, Minnesota

Few things are more aggravating than a jarring ride into your garage. If there is an unsightly bump in front of your garage, this can be tough on your cars and pose a tripping risk. There’s no need to replace your entire driveway for a simple sunken apron, which means more money in your pocket.

We can restore your sunken apron, leaving you with attractive, smooth asphalt that will last for many years. In fact, the repair will outlast the life of the existing asphalt around the repair. We are the only Twin Cities contractor to offer infrared repair for individual homeowner driveways.

Pothole Repair in Minneapolis, Minnesota

No matter how nice your business appears from the street, unsightly potholes can negatively impact customers’ opinion of your business. Years of dramatic changes in temperature and chemicals can cause ugly holes in the pavement. Not only are potholes unsightly, but they are also dangerous.

Unfortunately, ignoring the problem will only make the damaged area larger and worse off, decreasing the lifespan of your existing asphalt. With our infrared pothole repair, we help you get rid of liability issues at your property or business. We make the area look new again, leaving you with a repair that will outlast the asphalt around it.

asphalt driveway crack repair Minneapolis, Minnesota

Settlement can occur for a number of reasons, leading to a number of asphalt problems. Utility settlements across the middle of a driveway or parking lot are common. We use our infrared repair to fix the settled asphalt, bringing the settled area back up to its proper grade.

Our repairs will outlast the life of existing asphalt around the settlement repair. Like our other repairs, repairing settlement is cheaper than replacing the entire driveway.

resurfacing asphalt driveway in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Asphalt that is free of cracks and major damage can still become unsightly and be in need of repair. Oil leaks, gas leaks, and other contaminants can leave unsightly stains on your asphalt. Indentations and tire marks can also take away from your pavement’s appearance.

Innovative Infrared Asphalt Repair Services

We can use our infrared repair to remove these unpleasant markings, dips, and potholes, and get your pavement looking beautiful once more. The end result will not shift or move, leaving you with perfect, smooth asphalt once more.

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