Asphalt driveways last a long time. They withstand summer’s heat and winter’s ice well. But how do you know if it’s time to replace your driveway?

1.      There are cracks the size of the San Andreas Fault

Well, maybe not that big. But cracks are a place where water can collect, freeze and thaw. Over time, the freeze/thaw cycle pushes the asphalt aside and the cracks get deeper, longer, wider.

2.      There are potholes you could lose a pickup truck in

Another exaggeration, but potholes can be a tripping hazard for your kids or your elderly mother. They are also hard on your vehicles’ suspension. Like cracks, they can grow.

3.      There’s a canyon opening up between the driveway and the garage

Now, THAT is a problem! Settlement in front of the garage door is a big indicator of the driveway’s age.

4.      It just looks ugly. The nice thing about asphalt is that it’s easily replaced

Within a week, you can have a new driveway that looks good, functions well, and enhances the curb appeal of your house. And it doesn’t take that much time to cure. Within two weeks after installation, you can park in front of the garage again.



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