If you manage a Homeowners Association (HOA), you already know you have the responsibility to maintain and repair the association’s common areas such as the main entry, meeting rooms and shared facilities such as a workout room. There’s exterior maintenance, too, such as driveways, guest parking and walking paths. But how do you know when to call an asphalt contractor?

Damaged pavement can be a liability

Potholes, cracks and sunken areas can cause falls, which in turn can generate sprains, broken bones, and concussions. If potholes get large enough, they can damage cars. Insurance companies don’t like to pay claims. If too many pavement-related incidents occur on your property, your insurance rates may go up. Protect yourself and your homeowners by making an annual inspection of your driveways and parking spaces.

Assess your pavement

Managing a property in Minnesota is no easy task. The climate extremes of summer and winter can and do take their toll on pavement. Take a look around and make note of the following:

  • Minor cracks
  • Uneven spots
  • Sunken areas
  • Broken pavement

Save money with infrared asphalt repair

All of these types of damage can be mended via infrared repair.  Seamless infrared repair will restore your asphalt surfaces at a fraction of the cost of replacing the asphalt. And it’s environmentally friendly; infrared repair reuses the material that’s already there.