Pathway Repair & Maintenance

Protect Your Investment

Paved trails are a large fiscal investment whether they are for a business or a municipality. At the development stage, trails and pathways can be installed with relative ease. However, once the surrounding landscape has been established it becomes time consuming, inefficient, and costly to replace.

A good maintenance plan which includes timely repairs can greatly extend the life of the trail or pathway and make it more desirable to use during that lifetime.

Pathway Repair & Maintenance


No Heavy Equipment – Smaller and lighter equipment makes it possible to travel down the trails without causing any additional damage to the existing pavement.

Recycles and Reuses Existing Material – Infrared repair methods reheat the existing asphalt making for less trips to and from the work area.

No Site Restoration Needed – Smaller more versatile equipment causes little to no damage to the surrounding landscape.

Quiet Process – Unlike milling or saw cutting, infrared repair does not require loud machinery or loud saws. This is perfect for golf courses or quiet residential areas.

Minimal Down Time – Infrared repairs are ready to be used 3 times faster than traditional repairs. Repaired areas can be open to pedestrians, bicycles, and golf carts within an hour.

Pathway Repair & Maintenance

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We use infrared repair for all of our repair services to provide you with a lasting repair that will restore your pavement to a smooth, durable surface you can be proud of.


We stand by our workmanship and offer a 2-year warranty on all pathway repairs. If there's an issue, you can be confident we'll work with you to make it right.

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Common Pathway & Trail Issues

Wide Cracks – When a crack is left unattended for a long period of time the frost thaw cycle will continually cause it to widen and tip in causing a valley to form. These large old cracks are unpleasant for rollerblades and bicyclists to ride over. Unlike hot rubber crack filler which can stick to bike tires and running shoes, infrared repair can temporarily remove the crack, resetting the frost cracking process back to day 1.

Heaving – The most common cause for heaving on trails is from tree roots. These trees are a big reason people are out enjoying the trails, so their preservation is important. The infrared repair method fixes these unintended speedbumps without disturbing the tree or the roots.

Edge Erosion – Around corners and along hills is mostly where erosion will occur. Repairing these areas is important because left unaddressed these areas will continue to grow and deteriorate the surrounding asphalt.

Settlement/Potholes - These can cause damage to golf carts and equipment. They also can be trip hazards for pedestrians using the paths.

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