Gravel Maintenance

Gravel Maintenance

Gravel Driveway Installation & Maintenance Twin Cities

Gravel driveways offer a low-maintenance, low-cost alternative to paved driveways. If you live in rural Minnesota, installing pavement on a long road or driveway can become costly and time-consuming. Gravel offers a perfect solution. However, you will still need to maintain it to keep it looking fresh and functioning well. Gravel can loosen and shift over time, especially with exposure to the elements and heavy use.

At J&W Asphalt, we can help you make the most out of your gravel driveway, keeping it looking great for many years to come.

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An Affordable Option

Gravel Driveways are Affordable

If your home requires a long driveway to connect to a major roadway, installing a paved road is not always the best solution. The longer a road is, the more likely it is to need regular repairs, which can become quite costly with a paved option.

Gravel is easy to spread and can be easily installed no matter the size of your property. We offer Class V gravel. This is crushed asphalt with a maximum-sized rock of 1-inch with a lime rock base or recycled asphalt (RAP) base mixed with gravel.

Gravel Driveway Benefits

Benefits of Gravel Driveway

Gravel offers a budget-friendly option, making it an excellent option for large surfaces such as extra-long driveways or rural farmhouse roads. Gravel is simple to install and level out, which means less downtime when you are maintaining or installing it.

Easy maintenance means less expense down the road. There is no need to worry about driveway cracks, and any problems that arise can be easily remedied.

Your driveway will last a long time with regular maintenance, including:

  • Regular weed-pulling
  • Refreshing gravel when needed
  • Raking and replacing displaced gravel
New Gravel Driveways

We deliver and lay compact Class V gravel to create a beautiful gravel driveway, parking lot, or road. Gravel driveways can be installed quickly with minimal permanent impact. If properly maintained, a gravel driveway can offer years of use. Our experienced gravel driveway installation experts can get you on track quickly with little disruption to your routine.

Existing Gravel Driveways

Touch Up and Add Base to Existing Gravel Driveways

Maintaining a gravel driveway is important to extend its lifespan. Weather and use can take a toll on a gravel driveway. Over time, the gravel can spread and thin out. When snow plows are used, gravel can become scattered away from the main driveway, leading to increased problems. Plants and weeds can also grow through the gravel with the passing of time if your gravel is not properly maintained. We can deliver Class V gravel to make your surface look good as new again.

A gravel driveway will need to be maintained after:

  • Quick driving
  • Frequent driving
  • Frequent use
Gravel Re-Grading

Re-Grade and Roll

More significant problems to your gravel can occur over time. Minnesota’s harsh winters mean damage from snow and snow plows. Water and drainage problems can lead to rutting and potholes.

Even if you are meticulous about driveway care, potholes and ruts are bound to come up. These can cause damage to vehicles and pose a serious liability on your property. Our gravel driveway repair includes re-grade and roll services.

Gravel Installation You Can Trust

With more than 42 years in business, we offer reliable services with integrity and a commitment to workmanship. When you choose J&W Asphalt, you can rest assured your gravel will be properly graded and that we will leave the worksite cleaner than before we arrived.

With a strong commitment to safety, we believe in creating roads and driveways you can be proud of. Give us a call to install or maintain your gravel road, path, or driveway today. Give us a call at 952-894-9078, or contact us at

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