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At J&W Asphalt, we have been building our reputation as Minnesota’s best asphalt contractor, standing out above other asphalt companies since 1976. We install the highest quality asphalt surfaces for residential housing and commercial projects. We work with some of the best and largest residential builders in the Twin Cities metro area.

A family-owned and operated asphalt paving business, we stand behind our workmanship by offering a five-year warranty on all of our paved driveways and parking lots.

In our more than 42 years in the asphalt industry, we have paved a wide variety of parking lots from small to midsize. We have the crew and equipment to get the job done on your schedule. We also offer dig out and replace services if you need an old lot replaced with something that will reflect well on your business or organization for many years.

We can reclaim, grade, and pave to use existing asphalt as part of a new, beautiful surface, recycling the existing materials for a cost-effective solution. We also pave new parking lots for all kinds of organizations.

We have installed parking lots for:

  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings
  • Retail establishments
  • Churchs
  • Funeral homes
  • Office buildings
  • Bowling alleys
  • Gas stations
  • And more

We understand the importance of beautiful, lasting pathways. Whether you are in need of a city bike, walking, or running path or park pathway, asphalt provides a durable solution that pedestrians will find comfortable to use.

We can also create pathways for golf courses with minimal intrusion on your guests. We work with builders and homeowners associations to create beautiful pathways for residential developments.

With over 42 years of experience paving new construction driveways, three out of five of Minnesota’s top builders choose J&W Asphalt for their contracting needs. Our team of asphalt professionals has paved more builder driveways than any other paving contractor in Minnesota, installing approximately 60,000 driveways over the past four decades.

Each year, we add around 2,000 driveways to that number. We bring integrity and a high degree of quality workmanship to the job, backing up our work with a five-year warranty.

An asphalt driveway will last for many years with the proper care, but eventually, it may need to be replaced. When it is time to replace your driveway, we offer a worry-free solution. Because we specialize in driveways, you can rest assured that we will get the job done quickly and leave you with a driveway that will add value to your home. Using dig out and replacement, we pave approximately 250 private driveways each year.

If you live in a rural area where you require a very long driveway or a private road, you may find a gravel driveway to be the perfect solution. We install new gravel driveways using Class V gravel. We can also touch up and add base to your existing gravel road or driveway. For more serious damage, we offer re-grade and roll service.

Quality and Integrity

Our core values include integrity, quality, innovation, and expertise. We offer a commitment to job-site cleanliness, leaving your home or business cleaner than when we found it. Strong communication with our customers is at the center of what we do, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

We believe in completing a project on budget in a smooth, efficient process. We set ourselves apart from other asphalt paving companies by staying abreast of important innovations and news to offer our customers the most advanced service possible.

Paving Service in the Twin Cities Metro Area

If you are getting ready to launch your upcoming asphalt project, then contact J&W Asphalt. We provide a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul. To schedule services, call us at 952-894-9078, or contact us at

J&W Asphalt Logo

J&W Asphalt is a second-generation, family-owned business in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota since 1976. If you are looking for the asphalt industry leader, you've found them. Quality, customer focused, satisfaction, innovation, and expertise; established and local.

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