Minnesota’s winters can be notoriously harsh. Fortunately, asphalt is uniquely suited to extreme temperature changes. An asphalt driveway can stand up to freeze and thaw cycles for many seasons. If your driveway is in good shape, it will provide a watertight surface protecting the pavement underneath.


At J&W Asphalt serving St. Paul and Minneapolis, we can help you get your driveway in top shape for the coming winter season. Follow this handy guide to prepare your asphalt driveway for winter.


Check for Asphalt Pavement Cracks

Your asphalt driveway needs to be free of cracks at the beginning of the winter season. Even minor cracks can easily expand and become much bigger problems. As the winter takes us through freeze and thaw cycles, water will run into these cracks. When the water freezes again, these cracks will expand. Our asphalt pavement contractors can use infrared repair to nip these minor cracks in the bud before they lead to more serious issues.


Repair Sunken Apron and Potholes

Often, your driveway may require more significant repairs. If your driveway has a sunken apron or potholes, frozen water in those can cause very serious damage that may result in your driveway needing to be completely replaced. However, our team of residential asphalt paving contractors can use infrared repair to reuse existing asphalt and completely repair the damage, offering a seamless fix. If your driveway has any significant damage, you definitely need to get these problems repaired before the cold weather hits.


Damaged asphalt can cause serious problems:

●        Structural integrity

●        Drainage problems

●        Raveling and cracking

●        Vehicle damage


Additional Considerations

One way you can help your driveway stay in top shape is by keeping it clean and free of ice and snow as much as possible. Keep your driveway clear of debris such as leaves, rocks, and dirt, which can gather even more ice when the freeze hits. You also want to avoid using harsh chemicals on your driveway that can damage its surface. Consider taking a photo of your driveway before the first big freeze happens so that you have a basis for comparison once the cold season is over to determine what repairs you may need.


Minnesota Residential Asphalt Paving Contractors

At J&W Asphalt in Minnesota, we are a family business with solid experience in asphalt driveway repair. Whether your driveway needs minor cracks or serious potholes repaired, our infrared technology can get your pavement looking sharp again and keep it in top shape to withstand Minnesota’s cold winters. If your driveway has more significant damage, we also offer dig out and replacement service. To get your driveway in shape for winter, give us a call at  952.894.9078, or contact us online to find out more about how we can help.