When clients come to your business, you want to make a great impression. Your pavement from the parking lot to your commercial walkways is part of that image. If your commercial walkways look sharp, your business will look sharp. But if your walkways are cracked or damaged after the long winter, this can negatively impact your organizational image.


At J&W Asphalt in Minnesota, we are asphalt professionals who take pride in helping your business look its best. We can help you determine if it is this coming spring is the right time to repair your commercial walkways.


Damaged Pavement Creates a Liability

Damaged pavement can be more than just unattractive. It can also create a liability for your business. Patrons visiting your business as well as pedestrians may trip and become injured on uneven or damaged walkways. Uneven and damaged walkway surfaces have been known to cause broken bones, sprains, and even traumatic head injuries.


Typically, the insurance company finds business owners liable for maintaining safe commercial walkways. You can prevent these types of injuries, keeping your patrons safe and your liability minimal, by repairing damaged walkways before there is a problem.


Assess Your Pavement

Begin by assessing the pavement outside of your business. Look closely at your sidewalk. Is your pavement damage free? Often, normal wear and tear can easily become more significant damage through the freeze and thaw cycles of winter. As water freezes, it expands, damaging the pavement. A faded and aged sidewalk may be relatively free of cracks but still post a structural risk.


Examine your pavement for the following damage:

●        Minor cracks

●        Chips

●        Stains

●        Uneven spots

●        Sunken areas

●        Broken pavement


Repair Your Damaged Commercial Walkways

At J&W Asphalt, our professional asphalt contractors can get your asphalt looking great again using infrared repair. Infrared repair can target specific areas in need of repair. We reuse existing asphalt for our walkway repairs, which means your walkway repair is fast and creates a minimal environmental footprint.


It also creates a completely seamless repair, minimizing future risk for your customers and preserving the integrity of your sidewalk. Maintaining your asphalt through regular repair can go a long way in preventing additional future damage.


Minneapolis Sidewalk Repair Experts

Your commercial walkways are a reflection on your business. To keep them looking their best, put your trust in our asphalt repair experts at J&W Asphalt. We can repair your winter asphalt damage as soon as the spring weather hits. We’ve been Minnesota’s most trusted asphalt professionals for more than four decades, and we take pride in helping you put your best foot forward. Give us a call at 952.230.1448 to get your asphalt in shape, or contact us online to request a quote.