Sealcoating Parking Lots


We can handle any size parking lot you may have. We have sealcoating large commercial, industrial, and retail facilities.

We offer can apply a high quality, commercial grade sealcoat with either the spray-on or brush on methods.

All of our parking lot seal coats include striping.

All of our parking lot seal coats come with a 1 year warranty.

“I wanted to thank you and your team for another successful year working together. This was the 23rd year I’ve worked with J&W and I am grateful that you keep things running smooth year in and year out. We appreciate that you’re always looking for ways to improve your product and our product for our customers.”

-Jeff France – Area Manager for Lennar Homes

Unparalleled Service


  1. We power clean the edges of your parking lot to remove any overgrowth
  2. We power clean your entire parking lot with a commercial grade walk behind blower
  3. We crackfill any frost cracks you have with hot DOT approved crackfiller
  4. We apply our premium sealcoat with the brush on method to ensure adequate thickness (unless spray-on method is requested)


We use a mixture of Star Seal Micro-Pave Pro and Triton Pro. We mix our concentrated sealer with 15% to 25% water, depending on air temperature, to give the highest amount of concentrated sealer possible. A small amount of sand is added to our sealer to give you traction when walking on the sealcoated asphalt


We also offer Premium grade sealers that have more polymers in them to extend the life of your sealcoat.  It should be noted that the more amount of polymers in the sealcoat will cause the sealer to dry very quickly on the surface during installation which will result in a more prominent appearance of brush marks and varied coloration in the finished sealcoat.