Parking Lots


J&W Asphalt has paved many parking lots of the years. We have paved strip malls, office buildings, retail buildings, churches, funeral homes, post offices, bowling alleys, and gas station parking lots; both tear out and replacement and new construction. We have the equipment and the personnel to get the job done for you.

When tearing out and replacing parking lots, we use an asphalt reclaimer to grind up the existing asphalt, mixing it in with the existing base to a depth of 9”. This stabilizes and strengthens your existing base, giving us a solid foundation to work on.

All of our newly paved parking lots include striping and come with a 5-year warranty covering workmanship and material.

We also repair, sealcoat, and stripe parking lots. See Repair for details

“I wanted to thank you and your team for another successful year working together. This was the 23rd year I’ve worked with J&W and I am grateful that you keep things running smooth year in and year out. We appreciate that you’re always looking for ways to improve your product and our product for our customers.”

-Jeff France – Area Manager for Lennar Homes

Beating the Competition


Our price is negotiated with you before the paving season starts and is guaranteed for 12 months, meaning you’ll never have to worry about mid-season price increases when you work with us.


We have experience with a wide range of online scheduling, PO, and bidding software. We make sure all PO’s and Invoices are accurate and on time. We strive to eliminate the need for any Extra PO’s by making sure the scope of work is accurate; and that our crews, your project manager, and your excavator know the specs to get the job done right.


We will incorporate your scheduling system with ours to make sure your jobs are done on-time and before the home closing. We have the trucks, equipment, and personnel to handle any size home builder. We cover the Twin Cities seven county metro area.


We have over 40 years of experience installing residential driveways – which means an increase in customer satisfaction and a decrease in warranty costs for you. Our experienced crews use the latest equipment to install your driveways. Our compaction procedures meet and exceed the Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Assoc. (MAPA) and National Asphalt Pavement Assoc. (NAPA) standards; to ensure all handwork, joints, and marks are ironed out of the asphalt leaving a solid black driveway.


We leave your job sites cleaner than when we arrived by cleaning the garage floor, sidewalks, and street before and after we pave. This ensures SWPPP adherences as well as enables us to give you a dark black driveway free from contaminates.


You can never be too safe. We adhere to all OSHA regulations and have a Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction (AWAIR) program. Additionally, we conduct regular safety meetings and have a strict self-regulatory system in place.