J&W Asphalt is offering a fast, easy solution for your driveway maintenance.  One “Click” and our representatives will contact you to schedule your quality sealcoat. 


Standard 2 Car Sealcoat 

Price: $189.99

Up to 900 Sqft*




Standard 3 Car Sealcoat

Price: $209.99

Up to 1250 Sqft*




Oversized Driveway/Parking Lot

Price: To be determined

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All “Standard Sealcoat” purchases include 50 feet of crack seal. 

*Not to exceed listed square footage.  Standard 2 car driveway size is based on 50 feet long and 18 feet wide.  Standard 3 car driveway size is based on 50 feet long, 28 feet wide at the garage and tapers to 18 feet at the curb.  Prices and sizes given are standards; there will be no price reductions for lesser amounts.  Please determine which category applies to your driveway before purchasing.  Driveways larger then purchased item will be charged for the additional square footage.  Price will be determined upon review.